Iraq Proclaimed Victory! Wednesday, Jun 10 2009

Colbert Report: proclaims victory in Iraq! n’est pas?


comment dit-on…les yeux? Tuesday, Jun 9 2009 

These are not French women… Monday, Jun 1 2009 

… but they are powerful women… not to be taken advantage of? (is that a word?) oui…6 words!

coyote_ugly_001.jpg coyote image by crazybee91

… does anyone know of what I am speaking? The power of young women in this culture is in their beauty and their sexuality… without these two things… they have no other power. .. they are to be taken advantage of… this is their only role.

…in post-modern  America, where “will-to-power”  is the primary theme… young women must dance to this tune…so to speak… it is their only opportunity for celebrity. The alternative is entry level boredom… little money, invisibility and years to earn respect for something more lasting than beauty and sexuality… intelligence and morality, n’est pas? But who is going to wait for them???

…for what a man will ultimately need for his future, is not youth or beauty … these are fleeting indeed… but in order to respect himself and be respected among his colleages, he shall need  a woman of integrity with wisdom and strength of character.

…there are no shortcuts to these qualities. If young women take the “coyote ugly” way to celebrity… they are missing the opportunity to grow into wise and formidable women, who will be respected and sought after… women of true power!

What is your own opinion?

Search Engine Terms? Saturday, May 30 2009 

Voila’… “girls’ feet”

gilmore-girls-bare-feet.jpg gilmore girls image by colosjen
And Gilmore Girls aussi? I was checking the search engine terms… how readers got to this site… who knew???  Girl’s feet…  oui ! Perhaps this is something that I am not familiar with?…some hidden meaning!… but this is of no consequence, n’est pas?      I will just remain ignorant of this possible double entendre??      What is your own opinion?  susanne

Bonjour mes amis Friday, May 29 2009

French women have things to do, places to go and people to harass! mais oui? (but yes!)

Perhaps then we have no time to fester… fester… fester…. rot…rot…rot? (common French pastime)

But now I am back to write about this culture and how are we to survive, n’est pas? (… and no I am not living in Paris…  so sadly… but I have the right attitude!)  So let us discuss, shall we not?  susanne

The Scramasax and the Farmhouse Wednesday, Aug 6 2008 



Hand forged Carbon steel blade,Triple tempered, Sharp edge, full length tang, Red Deer antler handle with forged ferrule and butt cap. Blade length 460mm (18 inches) Handle 150mm (6 inches). Can be forged from spring steel with blunt edge for re-enactment. Prices are £65.00. for blunt, £80 for sharp.

Bonjour! I thought I would make a wee little comment and get on with my summer projects for today. Having left the desert behind… I am pleased to be watering and mowing a lawn now and planting lots of pretty green plants. Tucson was unable to support my “green” habit! I have missed growing flowers and fruit and vegetables. Ah… the Pacific Northwest is unimaginably beautiful…

I spent two months in transition housing and moved to a beautiful 1905 farmhouse located in a Secret Garden. Doesn’t get much better than that. Fruit trees and flowering trees and bushes and rockers on the front porch — with two golden retrievers and a siamese kitten named The Sheikh — we are happily ensconced…

A French thought for today… did you know that “In the MIddle Ages, the Franks carried an all-purpose knife called a scramasax; it was about 20 inches long and hung from the belt. The scramasax was used for war and for hunting. So vital was the scramasax to life and survival that the blade was often damascened with wavy patterns or engraved in runic script with the name of the owner or with words and notes of a song.” The Knife, page 178, The Art of the Table.

au revoir…2007 Monday, Feb 25 2008 

Bonjour 2008… I heard someone mention not long ago… “oh I am glad 2007 is over. It was such a bad year!” Indeed? I had never thought about my years in general in this light. As the new year begins… was last year a good one, or bad one… or just a year?

Well, let me say that I am sure 2007 was “not my favorite year!” (that is what I taught my children to say instead of… ooh la la…I hate this dinner! or What is that??? They could kindly mention in passing that this was not their favorite. They still had to eat a little of it to be polite… but I would take note and not fix it for them again if possible) Ah ha! That was kind of off the thought trail… but what the heck… that is what French women are about! (at least this French woman!)

“french women with no make up are ugly until they open their mouths.”


i disagree: french women with no make-up are tres chic.

from the article: sans makeup s’ll vous plait:

“Too much makeup, French women say, makes a woman seem older, or even worse, as if she makes a living walking the streets.”

Well now… perhaps that is not such a disgraceful thing here in the USA? Do we not work at looking like we “walk the streets at night?” So… no problem there. Just cake on the makeup and get to work!

I will proceed on with my discussion of 2007 at another sitting! Au revoir!

SOLD Sunday, Feb 24 2008

And there it is! SOLD… well our sign out front says SALE PENDING… but we are almost there. Mid March is the target date for closing. After 7 months on the real estate market and learning about the new “non-market” and lowering our sales price… etc We have sold the house here and finally get to move up north again… to the land of green and rain and family! bonne nuit

catholic marriage Wednesday, Dec 19 2007 


I have said before that men should get married only if they wholly commit to the Catholic sacrament of marriage, and are absolutely sure their intended does too. By that I mean the whole enchilada: no sex outside of (or prior to) marriage, no divorce (and in case of abuse/adultery, no remarriage after separation), and no contraception either. Otherwise, there is no compelling reason for a man to marry.

Non-Catholics (and some Catholics too) will undoubtedly have reservations about the above, but our culture is long overdue for a hard conversation about how our having progressively shed each of the assumptions above has brought about the decline of the family and created a culture disposed toward narcissism and familial abandonment. If family bonds are a thing that can be broken as well as created, then marriage becomes “legalized fornication” and a transactional, not a covenantal arrangement.  Oct 31, 2007 08:45 AM

I could not pass up this comment on the idea of Should Men Get Married? What a thought indeed… a return to less freedom, in the sense of choosing or changing our minds… but more freedom to love and commit… without the fear of abandonment…  ah… this a thought worth pondering…

What is your own opinion?

nice girls don’t get married Tuesday, Dec 18 2007 


Here is what I see happen all the time: Guys marry women who are stellar examples of womanhood PHYSICALLY. That these woman lack character isn’t a consideration, they are nasty pieces of work, but look good. Meanwhile these guys have as friends some stellar examples of women with good character whom they ignore as potential wives. These women aren’t ugly but they don’t fit the definition of beauty given in the media. Only very rarely do I see women of good character get married. Why? I see needy witches get married all the time. Why?

Quite a thought… I do know a number of twenty and thirty-something young women that intended to get married, dreamed of getting married, patterned their lives in order to be able to get married… and in time… were surprised to find that marriage at this time has passed them by.

They waited to the “right” man. The mature man. The dependable man. The decent man. The trustworthy man.

But he did not appear… at least for them. They may have good friends that talk with them, enjoy their company and spend time with them… but then when it comes time to get married… these men look off into the distance and find someone that more closely fits the pattern of our culture… a sexy little girly girl that spends her self-absorbed life shopping and putting on makeup and looking cute.

And this is what these men will get… someone that ultimately is not up to their standards or intellect… but look cute and sexy… but with no substance and tenacity…

This is a sad thing…

Maybe young men should be expected to spend less time on their video games and tv sports and more time on “how to deliberately find the perfect mate of good character?”

What is your own opinion?

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